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My name is Lia Scott and I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, accredited by the Delta Institute, the accrediting body for positive reward based trainers who have undertaken the national accredited training course conducted by Delta. That is the highest Dog Behaviour and Force-free Training certification available in Australia, which I completed in December 2017. I am also a Fear Free™ Certified Professional.

I have 9 years experience, which started in 2011, working as a franchisee of an Animal Training company that specialises in Behavioural Modification. To become a franchisee, I undertook full time training for 7 months, which included theory and hands-on practice, with 8 different stages/types of evaluation. In that time, I had the opportunity to practice with over 200 dogs, learn from over 40 Dog Trainers, whilst being mentored by two Senior Behavioural Trainers & Consultant throughout the whole process.

I left the company in October 2012 to start my own business on the Gold Coast. So far, I have personally trained over 350 dogs and have achieved great results dealing with a vast range of issues - please see the Services section for more information. I take pride in being recommended by and working in conjunction with Veterinarian Behaviourists, in cases that require referral.

To me, your dog's well-being is #1 priority. Using intimidation and fear (even disguised as "corrections"), the debunked dominance/pack/alpha theory or putting your dog through stress is absolutely not part of my work. That is why I choose to use and stand by evidence based methods, including Positive Reinforcement (mark & reward desirable behaviour), which will bring effective, genuine, long-term results, with no mental or physical harm to your dog and guaranteed fun for both of you. I work with all breeds at all ages.

I strongly believe that not only extensive practical experience, but continuous education is crucial for any Behavioural Trainer to keep up-to-date and ensure their practices are in accordance with latest research and findings in the Animal Behaviour field. In the past 9 years, I have attended over 400 hours of lectures, seminars and workshops about Animal Training & Behaviour. Also, I am currently in the final stages of completing my Canine Myo-manipulative Functional Therapy certification with Angel's Animals Holistic Care and Seminars - my goal is to incorporate canine massage therapy and stretching techniques, to promote relaxation and enhance wellbeing of dogs that I work with.

Dogs are sentient beings that we bring into our lives. Therefore it's our duty to provide not only basic care and love, but also the best possible environment and learning opportunities, in order to successfully meet their physical and psychological needs, building a relationship based on trust, mutual respect and guardianship. 🐾


Gold Coast, QLD Australia

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