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Behavioural Consultation

This initial session lasts 2-2.5 hours at your home. Prior to the consult, I will send you a link with a questionnaire to learn about your dog's history and understand where they are at in regards to training. During the consult, I will observe them in their environment and discuss any critical points I find in the questionnaire. I will also explain the basics about dog behaviour, body language and the method we use. We will start working practically, once we finish chatting. I will work with them and demonstrate the main cues and exercises I want you to start practicing and any management strategies I need you put in place. I may suggest that you book follow up sessions so that I can refine the behaviours we started working, add any additional ones and coach you as you work with your dog, so you can improve your training skills and your dog’s response to you. The fee for the initial consultation also includes:

  • A detailed and personalised email from me with a summary of what we discussed;

  • The Training & Management program and other resources you may need;

  • Ongoing full support via phone, text and email in between lessons.


One-on-one Training sessions

Predominantly practical/hands-on one-on-one sessions, tailored to your needs, using positive techniques that you and your dog will truly enjoy, with scientifically proven results. Depending on the Training & Management established, sessions may include:

  • Basic cues such as 'sit', 'lie down', 'stay', 'wait', 'no more', 'leave it', 'off' loose lead walking, and other more advanced ‘tricks’ you may wish to teach your dog

  • ‘Good manners’, encouraging calm behaviour, building confidence and developing social skills 

Treating behavioural issues according to necessity, such as:
* Toilet issues & Marking
* Pulling on the lead
* Not coming when called
* Aggression 
* General undesirable behaviour in public areas or at home
* Excessive Barking, Jumping or Digging
* Chewing & Destruction
* Biting and Nipping
* Over-excitement
* Hyperactive Tendencies

* Separation related issues

Please note that any behavioural cases may need to be referred to a Veterinarian Behaviourst at any point in time during the course of our program.

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