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Lia has been wonderful with our little mini Dachsund. She was born deaf and we have started sign commands and we have had such great results. Looking forward to the journey with Lia and Meike.

Caroline Bragg

Lia is amazing at what she does, so knowledgeable and patient with your dog. I would highly recommend Lia if you need to train your puppy or stamp out some unwanted behaviours in your dog.

Kim Howell

I was feeling very worried about the high level of excitement and energy exhibited by Poppy, my 18 months old staffie, last November when my vet referred me to Lia at Canine Journeys. I was heading for trouble if I didn't find a way to calm Poppy down and control her behaviour. She was my fourth staffie so I had experienced "staffie" behaviour before, but she was another story. She was impossible to walk, over friendly to everyone, humans or other dogs and as she grew stronger, I was quickly losing control and not looking forward to walking her at all. When Lia came into my home with her air of confidence, I knew my problem would be solved. She is a very professional young lady and I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who needs help with training. Poppy is now walking nicely with me and she is very well behaved at home. I am seeing the real Poppy now and we are all getting along so much better. I truly thank Lia for all her guidance, wonderful support and professionalism.

Sandra Burmeister

Lia is the second trainer I have used for my dog Stitch and I'm so glad that I found her. She so supportive of not only my 2 dogs, but also myself. She's very understanding of all situations. My dog Stitch has separation anxiety and a few medical issues. Lia has done everything she can to help us with our particular issue, tailoring our training to our situation rather than just reading from a book, knowing that every dog is different and needs different help. I couldn't recommend her highly enough. She is patient, understanding, and very knowledgeable. My dogs absolutely love her. Thank you, Lia for being someone my dogs and I can trust.

Victoria Thomson

Lia did an amazing job helping change the behavior issues we were having with our staffie pup. Absolutely highly recommend Canine Journeys. Thanks Lia!

Vanessa Menadue

Our dog Arnie was a rescue adopted when he was around one so we missed the opportunity to help him in his formative year. He's a fantastic dog but due to his size we needed to work on making sure we have control particularly when out and about. Lia has given us some great advice on how to build an even greater bond with Arnie, improve recall and generally enrich his daily life. Some of these changes are very simple, just needing a bit of organisation and planning, but we can tell he really looks forward to meal times as he doesn't know how it will be presented! We've also adopted lots of the enrichment activities whilst he's on his own and know he enjoys these. Recall has also improved and whilst this will always be a challenge due to his mix of breeds we can trust him a lot more to come back to us, even with distractions. Thanks Lia!

Ruth Musk

“Lia has helped my family and our beautiful Staffy cross Jack when we lost our beloved Shih Tzu Molly. She is highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced. All the training and management strategies she suggests truly prioritise our fur-babies welfare. She is genuinely caring and passionate about her work and I can’t recommend her enough.”

Daniella Poggi

“Lia is very patient, sensitive and kind to my fur babies and to me. Lia has great intuition with animals and my girls always are so happy to see her.
I highly recommend Lia because of her professionalism, knowlege and kindness. She always believed in Mia and Maggie from the start!”

Tina Jarrett

“We called Lia when we got out beautiful chocolate Labrador Rosie. Rosie was about 9 months when we got her, she had a couple of issues which we needed help with. Lia was so gentle and calming with both Rosie and us. We all instantly felt at ease. Lia gave us some tips on how to train Rosie, although we have had a Labrador before, Rosie was older and we weren’t sure what happened to her with her previous family. So after seeing Lia a couple of times Rosie improved, and is now thriving!
So if you need help with your new four legged family member, don’t hesitate to call Lia. You will not find anyone as patient, caring and who is so good at training dogs as Lia!”

Cindy Anderson

“Lia was friendly, patient and also gave us a solid understanding of the best way to train our young Amstaff. I would thoroughly recommend her as a positive trainer rather than using methods which can cause more harm than good. We are so grateful for the impact Lia has made with her tips for our dog”

Juliette Murray

“Lia is one of the nicest young ladies you would ever meet and a pleasure to have at my home and to help my husband and I with our 2 fur babies Sweetie Baby Girl and Cherry Blossom. Through her training, we now have a clearer understanding of how to make one of our girls less annoying with her persistent attention seeking with guests to our home and the other (rescue) less fearful in general. Canine Journeys has been such a wonderful experience for our entire family and we are SO thrilled that we took the time to employ Lias services with our girls... My husband and I would gladly recommend Lia and Canine Journeys to anyone who thinks that their babies may need training of some kind - trust me, if you think it, you probably do, so take the time and effort and the rewards will be worthwhile. Thank you Lia, thank you so very much.”

Vanessa-Ann McCrindle

“Excellent, friendly and reliable service. Lia was very patient with my two dogs who can be quite challenging, especially when they are together. Lia gave us great practical strategies to implement outside of the training sessions and she was very insightful. Lia's training sessions proved to be very helpful in calming my new puppy and helping him not to fret as much when he is left alone. I would highly recommend the services of Canine Journeys.”

Amy Yturralde

“We met Lia today with our fur baby Tilly. Lia was so helpful us showing us techniques to make sure Tilly learns the best way for her and us. Tilly responded to Lia straight away and we are looking forward to our follow up sessions in the coming weeks and months.”

Rochelle Kingham

Lia is great trainer! She has really transformed my naughty puppy into a beautiful dog! I'm really grateful for all she has done and I couldn't recommend anyone better :)”

Liberty Trueman

"My two dogs and I fell in love with Lia the moment we met her. She has a natural affinity with furbabies and is a very calming influence (which my bundle of joy, boisterous puppies need in massive doses!)
Lia has been walking my dogs once a week for me (on the day I work late) and I've noticed an improvement in the behaviour of both of my dogs since that time.
She has also done some one on one training with me and my dogs which has taught me to better understand the doggie psychology behind why they do what they do and manage that behaviour accordingly.
Overall I couldn't recommend Lia and the canine services she offers highly enough!”

Sam Louks

“Very professional and flexible


Lia was fantastic with our husky x bull terrier puppy, he had a few bad habits- digging, jumping on guests, not coming when called etc. Only one session with Lia helped so much, we only needed one to learn what we needed to do to get him to respond the way we wanted. She is easy to get along with and absolutely loves dogs. Our puppy is a much more well behaved puppy and we leant so much about him in the one session”


“Lia is very professional, my dog loves her.

Lia was a lifesaver, when it came to training my dog. She came around to my house which was a huge relief because she got to see his behaviour eg jumping up on guests, recall and walking on lead. First visit was already a success with training. Very useful tips and professional advice. My dog is in love with her, recommend her highly.”


“Excellent professional service

Lia is an exceptional trainer & human being. Fantastic rapport with the dogs. My young Jack Russell could not be controlled. After just one lesson he was a different dog. Casper (my Jack Russell) now comes when called and gets in the car with no trouble. Before Lia came along he point blank refused to get in the car. He is a much better behaved dog since Lia's training. Lia is a lovely & professional person. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing dog training."

Lynn Johnson

"Excellent advice given and great rapport w dog

Lia provided excellent advice, was on time and gave the full 90 min session. My dog responded to her commands quickly. Her advice to me was easy to follow with great results in dealing with my dog's behaviour. Thoroughly recommend Lia.”


“Excellent and professional!!!

I can not give enough positive praise to Lia. Lia's patience and attention with our 6 months Jack Russell and 12 months English Staffy was impressive! It just showed her love and passion on what she does and has gained our trust straight away. She was very thorough in her training session and made me feel confident in executing the training exercises by ourselves, which is key. Apolo and Gaia (our puppies) love here! It was love for the first sight”

Juliana Schaefer

"Excellent & knowledgable


Cannot recommend Lia enough, watching her magic is fantastic.”


"Lia is reliable, friendly, professional & skilled

Lia has dramatically changed our lives with our dogs. Before Lia , I had no control over our cattle dog and a very clingy am staff. Lia taught me how to be in control in a way of positive training.They both now listen to me and understand boundaries. Dallas ( cattledog ) is a completely different dog , he is less agitated & jealous of our other dog.they have become best friends from Lia's training. I now believe training the owner is just as important as training the dogs! Highly reccomend Lia”


"Highly recommend


I had recently got my border collie x blue heeler from the RSPCA. She was 7 months old and had no training at all and was really out of control. I organised Lia to do a session at home and with her advice and support I now have a dog that sits, stays and drops for me. I will have a follow up session with Lia as I know my girl can do more. She is a pleasure to train as all she wants to do is please. Thanks to Lia my girl is now a pleasure and fun to have. Thanks Lia"


“Awesome Trainer - Highly Recommend


We engaged Lia to assist with behavioural issues that our Begalier Dakota was showing. Before seeing Lia, Dakota suffered from anxiety which made it difficult for us to walk her in public and interact with other dogs. Dakota has improved well beyond our expectations and grown so much in confidence. We have also learnt lots of new tricks and games to keep Dakota occupied during the day. We can't thank Lia enough for all her guidance and expertise."


"Fantastic dog walk and training. Recommend!


It took me a long time to find someone I trust enough to walk and train my dog. I found Lia on gumtree a few months ago and instantly found her honest, caring and reliable. My dog has social and anxiety issues and already Lia has helped me see improvement through training. My dog loves Lia and is excited and comfortable when Lia arrives to take her for a walk. I would recommend Lia to anyone. She is understanding, experienced and genuine. I can tell she loves her job, she's great at it.”


“Very Professional and tailored training session

Thank you for all your Help.... Lia has been training with our very anxious boarder collie Tilly for a few weeks now and we have seen a drastic improvement in her. Lia has taught us many skills and tricks we can use to assist Tilly calm down when she becomes very stressed. We have found Lia very professional and patient especially with answering all our questions. We all look forward to our weekly training sessions especially Tilly. Thank you again Siobhan, Mark & Tilly."


“High standard and professionally tailored

My little Maltese cross silky boy is very fearful of strangers to the extent that he would bite. But since Lia came, we have seen gradual and steady improvements, focusing mainly on confidence building and showing him that he is capable and that he is in a safe environment. It is really rewarding to see his improvements. Lia not only comes for lessons, she provides training guides and tips as well as responds to emails and calls to check up on my dog. Couldn't ask for a better trainer!”


“Excellent and Tailored Service

Bella, a Weimeraner, joined our family as a puppy a few months ago and I needed someone to help me with basic training. When Lia arrived on our doorstep we got so much more than we could have hoped for. She is very knowledgeable and her wisdom keeps on surprising me. She has helped me with integrating Bella into our family and to negotiate the relationship between my three year old son and energetic puppy. She has given me strategies and equipped me on this journey to get the best outcome.”


“Specialized training for obsessing over cat


Lia has been a god send in our house, Our 5 month old dachshund was rounding up the cat and keep him from entering the yard or house. Lia is kind hearted and friendly and that set my mind my ease. She was available during the weeks between our sessions with any questions and that support and motivation is needed. I would recommend her to anyone!”